Research Framework

The primary theoretical frameworks utilized for the PLC series are:

  • Achievement Goal Theory (Nicholls, Ames, Dweck, Duda)
  • Coach Created Motivational Climate (Duda, Roberts, Miller, Treasure)
  • Coach-Athlete Relationship (LaVoi, Jowett & colleagues)
  • Parent Initiated Motivational Climate (Duda, White)
  • Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan)
  • Moral Development (Kohlberg, Power, Higgins, Rest, Narvaez)
  • Integrated Ethical Education (Narvaez)
  • Expertise (Sternberg)

The primary ideas of the curriculum propose that for athlete flourishing and achievement to occur, a coach must possess expertise to carry out and develop the following:

  1. A caring coach-athlete relationship
  2. A caring climate amongst the team/community members, fostering a sense of belonging
  3. Athlete ethical expertise
  4. Achievement (athletic competence & achievement)

Goals of PLC series:

  1. To build consensus among sport stakeholders regarding PLC goals.
  2. To define Champion behaviors for athletes, parents, and coaches.

Champions are not born, Champions GROW with guidance from adults.

    1. Goal Focused- Embraces Mastery orientation (competence)
    2. Respects Others-Plays fairly, treats others with respect, committed to common good (relationships/care)
    3. Owns their decisions and the game, makes responsible decisions & (autonomy/self directed choices)
    4. Wins with integrity
    5. To develop coaches and parents expertise to successfully build a climate in youth sports that GROWs Champions and supports athletes in their ethical pursuit of excellence
      Mastery Motivational climate   + “Moral” climate  = Champion Climate