The Play Like a Champion Today TM (PLC) Educational Series is a research-based initiative founded on the latest research in social science including: character education; moral development; and developmental, educational, and sports psychology.  It helps coaches, parents, and sport administrators create a positive climate in youth sports through strategies that simultaneously promote intrinsic motivation, team building, and character development.

The Play Like A Champion Today TM Educational Series:

  • Takes a “child-centered” approach, supported by years of research into character and spiritual development.
  • Grounds itself in Catholic principles of justice, tolerance, cooperation, respect and solidarity.
  • Draws on the support, tradition and resources of academic and athletic excellence which mark the University of Notre Dame.
  • Establishes ownership on the part of the schools, parishes or dioceses, through an integrative approach that involves the full range of stakeholders – coaches, parents, administrators and, ultimately, the young athletes.
  • Is delivered through personal, interactive education, and consultation.